Hi everyone,
(sorry for the long post... and bad english)

I'm still a noob with Shinken and recently I encountered a problem with one of my passive checks.

- The context is very simple :

1 little Shinken Server, listening to dozens of passive checks with the WS_Arbiter (all the monitored machines are behind firewalls).
The hosts are not checked at all, only their services : custom Python scripts verify what I want and send the result to the WS_Arbiter, generally every hour.
If Shinken doesn't receive the result in time (freshness_threshold 4200 seconds to have a margin for hourly passive checks), a dummy active check put the service in Critical state.

The configuration of the service is
#Service Definition#
define service{
    host_name host01
    service_description Check_hourly
    use tpl-service-private-hourly
    check_command check_dummy!2 "Passive critical"
The template used is
#Template Definition#
define service{
    name              	tpl-service-private-hourly
    notifications_enabled      	1
    event_handler_enabled     	 	0
    flap_detection_enabled     	 	0
    process_perf_data        	1
    retain_status_information    	1
    retain_nonstatus_information  	1
    contact_groups         	admins
    action_url           	../../pnp4nagios/graph?host=$HOSTNAME$&srv=$SERVICEDESC$
	active_checks_enabled        0
	passive_checks_enabled       1
	check_freshness           1
	notification_period         24x7
	notification_options        w,u,c,r,s
	notification_interval        60

	check_period            24x7
	check_interval           1
	retry_interval           1
	freshness_threshold         4200
	#check if passive done every 4200 seconds (1 hour and 10 minutes)
	max_check_attempts         1
	register              0

- Here is my problem :

One of the passive checks didn't received the result in time and the dummy active check was triggered to put the service to critical.
I checked the problem on the host and manually run the script that monitor the service and send the result to Shinken.
Shinken received the result through WS_Arbiter and changed the service state from Critical to OK.

However, for a reason that I don't know, that service continue to be regularly actively checked, launching the dummy script that just return a Critical result code.
Of course the template of the service include active_checks_enabled 0.

- What i've done so far :

I verify the configuration of that service and his template = everything seems ok.
I tested a similar service, that is configured the same way (same template), and willingly stopped the monitoring script = the service state goes to Critical and return to Ok when receiving again the passive result but didn't continue to actively check the service.
I restarted all Shinken services = nothing changed.

I could test to erase this service from my config and create it again, but I'd rather like to understand what is going on and how to fix it.

Do someone already encounter the same problem ?
Thanks for the help