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    Prévoyez-vous d'intégrer des fonctionnalités "proche en proche" basées sur CDP, LDDP ou d'autres proto de discovery ?
    NetDisco par exemple, est basé sur SNMP::Info (Perl). (Mais il ne fait pas de supervision)

    C'est moins agressif qu'un scan par plage d'adresse IP.

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    Re: SNMP::Info


    Je n'ai pas la réponse à ta question désolé.

    Par contre, toutes les discussions sont en anglais sur ce forum, ca serait bien de continuer comme ca
    Pour un support / question en français, il y a les forums de monitoring-fr à cette adresse. Il est tout aussi actif que ce forum là, mais il n'y a qu'une seule section dédiée à Shinken

    Bonne journée.



    I can't answer your question sorry.

    By the way, all topics of the forum are in English, it may be great to keep it this way
    Questions / Help in French can be provided here . The community is also very active, but there is only one board dedicated to Shinken

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: SNMP::Info


    It's not on the roadmap, but it can be easy to add if you know how open source tools that do it and can export results
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: SNMP::Info

    Peter Ehlin made a perl export script for what is discovered by NetDisco to a check_mk WATO configuration. It must not be much of a stretch to reformat it in Shinken format.

    The script was posted to the check_mk mailing-list. I have attached it to this post for others to test. (Just strip .rtf from the file name)

    Seems to be a well written concise script.

    NetDisco is a very nifty tool, I am sure there is more interesting integration that could be done with it to feed Shinken and Nagvis.

    Let us know if you make it compatible with Shinken.


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