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Thread: Wrong output in thruk

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    Wrong output in thruk

    I am trying to monitor a nettapp filer.
    The commands seems ok when tested directely on the shinken :

    [root@freppau-lqsup01 ~]# cd /usr/local/shinken/libexec/
    [root@freppau-lqsup01 libexec]#
    [root@freppau-lqsup01 libexec]# ./ -s public -t space_aggr
    Disk space for aggr_testpra: 99% in use (3904024 kB free)
    [root@freppau-lqsup01 libexec]#

    So the check is OK but on Thruk, the service is in WARNING and gives no output.
    Here are my configurations files :

    services.cfg :

    [pre]define service{
    service_description AGGREGATS
    check_command check_netapp_2!public!space_aggr!96!97!
    host_name FILER-PRA01
    use generic-service


    commands.cfg :

    [pre]define command {
    command_name check_netapp_2
    command_line $PLUGINSDIR$/ $HOSTADDRESS$ -s $ARG1$ -t $ARG2$

    Did i miss something here ?


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    Re: Wrong output in thruk

    you give 4 parameter to your command but only use 2 of them actually. The 96 and 97 number are not used is your case. It can be related to your problem I think.

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