I've an issue quite similar to the one described here http://www.shinken-monitoring.org/fo...pic,201.0.html

Some servicegroups in Nagvis give me errors like: Problem (Backend: live_1): The object "nagvis_test_1" does not exist (servicegroupMemberState).
The funny thing is that if I reload Shinken some groups that were working will give me this error and some that had the error will start working.

This is also visible if I add a new item for servicegroupe in my design, in the list of possible service groups I can see that some of them are missing. And again after a reload some are back and some are gone.

Finally if I enable only_hard_state on a service group I receive the error The servicegroup "nagvis_test_2" has no member or does not exist (Backend: live_1). But no randomness for this one, it makes all servicegroups fail.

I'm using Shinken 1.4 and Nagvis 1.7.9.

Please advise.
Thank in advance!