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Thread: [SOLVED] Rentention ? logs ? A bit confusing !

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    [SOLVED] Rentention ? logs ? A bit confusing !


    We are a bit confused about how retention and logs work on shinken.

    If I understand well : Rentention is for deamons to retrieve data on restart
    Logs are "classical" logs

    But :

    - Should retention put on Schedulers only or on all deamons ? or on some daemons only ? which one ?
    - What kind of log exists ? Mongodb, sqllite, syslog, Simple-log
    - What kind of log for each daemon ?
    - How to handle properly log for Livestatus and broker and scheduler ?
    -- With the new feature of 1.4 (manager multi-broker in same realm) is that correct ?
    --- Put a rentention for scheduler
    --- Put a Livestatus module for each broker
    --- Put a Log for livestatus module ?
    - What about mongodb for WebUI ?
    - Can we use the same db for the Arbiter ?

    Here is my conf and how I plan to handle rentention and logs

    Datacenter 1 :
    - Arbiter Master :
    -- mongodb : "shinken"
    -- Syslog
    - Broker Master for all realms :
    -- Livestatus
    --- log : sqlite
    -- WebUI
    --- mongodb : "shinken"
    - Scheduler Local Realm :
    -- PickleRetention

    Datacenter 2 :
    - Arbiter Slave :
    -- mongodb : "shinken"
    -- Syslog
    - Broker Slave for all realms :
    -- Livestatus
    --- log : sqlite
    -- WebUI
    --- mongodb : "shinken"
    - Scheduler Local Realm :
    -- PickleRetention

    I think there is a problem using same db for Arbiter and WebUI, isn't it ?

    Can I migrate from sqlite to mongodb for Livestatus Log without loosing history ?

    Can I use the same mongo Db "shinken" for Livestatus Api ?

    How to tell Slave Broker (and Slave Livestatus) to log nothing as they are slave so that I can use mongodb replication instead ?

    Is there anything else to replicate to make slave work without loosing history or data (beside the conf of course) ?

    How about graph generated by pnp4nagios ? Maybe it is better to use graphite ?

    I think, the number of my question shows how confused I am.

    Perhaps someone has a best practices recommandation for distributed, HA envrionnement ?

    Thanks in advance for your time

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    Re: Rentention ? logs ? A bit confusing !

    Retention are mainly for schedulers only.

    For logs, it all depends from where you want to read them. If it's thruk or multisite, stick to livestatus log management, like with a mongolog, but don't expect to keep sqlite data then (if I'm not wrong Olivier did a migration script to insert log into mongodb).

    For the arbiter/webui and mongodb: one if for configuration objects (NOT for prod), the oher is for user preference. You can use teh same mongo server for all your modules, it's not a problem
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    Re: Rentention ? logs ? A bit confusing !

    Ok thanks. ;D

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