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Thread: How to delete a host in Skonf

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    How to delete a host in Skonf


    There is a problem with my Skonf UI:
    I added a new host as usual (except with a non-conventional name which is : and I think that Skonf did not like the colon in the name... I tried to disable it from the web interface but it didn't worked. The problem is that I can disable the others hosts except this one and I can't find this host in the Mongo DB to delete it manually... I get a 404 Error when I try to click on the host to check the config...

    Can you help me please?

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    Re: How to delete a host in Skonf

    Skonf is still a beta. Feature may be missing including this one sorry

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    Re: How to delete a host in Skonf

    Seems as a bug in html_id striping indeed. But currently I got no time to work on skonf sorry, but patches are accepted
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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