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Thread: [SOLVED] Alert history

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    [SOLVED] Alert history

    Hello everyone, I am using Shinken 1.2 with Thruk 1.60
    I want to use mongologs for livestatus reporting, but I get internal server error when fetching the url

    There is my configuration :
    # BROKER (Broker-master)
    define broker {
      broker_name   Broker-master
      address     IP1
      port      7772
      spare      0
      manage_arbiters   1  ; Take data from Arbiter. There should be only one
                  ; broker for the arbiter.
      manage_sub_realms  0  ; Does it take jobs from schedulers of sub-Realms?
      timeout       3  ; Ping timeout
      data_timeout    120 ; Data send timeout
      max_check_attempts 3  ; If ping fails N or more, then the node is dead
      check_interval   60 ; Ping node every N seconds
      modules   Livestatus, Simple-log, WebUI,NPCDMOD
      realm  France
    define module {
      module_name   Livestatus
      module_type   livestatus
      host      *      ; * = listen on all configured IP addresses
      port      50000    ; port to listen
      #socket     /usr/local/shinken/var/rw/live ; If a Unix socket is required
      ## Available modules:
      # - logsqlite: send historical logs to a local sqlite database
      # - mongologs: send historical logs to a mongodb database
      # - nulllogs : send historical logs to a black hole
      modules    mongologs
      debug      /tmp/ls.debug  ; Enable only for debugging this module
      debug_queries  1  ; Set to 1 to dump queries/replies too (very verbose)
    define module {
      module_name   mongologs
      module_type   logstore_mongodb
      mongodb_uri   mongodb://IP1,IP2/?safe=true
      # If you are running a MongoDB cluster (called a replica set in MongoDB),
      # you need to specify it's name here.
      # With this option set, you can also write the mongodb_uri as a comma-separated
      # list of host:port items. (But one is enough, it will be used as a seed)
      replica_set     rs0
      database      livestatusLogs
      max_logs_age    3m
    I wonder if this is a version related bug or if I have done something wrong in my configuration.

    Thanks !


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    Re: Alert history

    Well it,s a thruk error... Without looking at the log I suggest you to update your thruk, the last release is 1.72.

    Now, regarding your logs, it looks like it's more related to host/services configuration not the broker one

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    Re: Alert history

    I just updated thruk to 1.72 and I am still getting the same error.
    I am going to try to update shinken to latest version and will keep you updated


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    Re: Alert history

    Hi Jean, Seb.
    I posted my problem on Thruk google group, here's the link:!topic/thruk/hxbv1Qmp69g

    It looks like the problem is livestatus-shinken related
    This raises an error:
    echo GET log | nc shinkenIp 50000
    Livestatus debug:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
     File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/modules/livestatus_broker/", line 307, in launch_query
      result = self.get_live_data_log(cs)
     File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/modules/livestatus_broker/", line 614, in get_live_data_log
      firstdb = [x for x in self.db.get_live_data_log()]
     File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/modules/", line 266, in get_live_data_log
      logger.debug("[LogStoreMongoDB] Mongo filter is" % mongo_filter)
    TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting
    What do you think ?


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    Re: Alert history

    The line is obviously wrong :

    logger.debug("[LogStoreMongoDB] Mongo filter is" % mongo_filter)

    you give mongofilter as parameter but you don't use it. try to add a %s somewhere

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    Re: Alert history

    Hi everyone, I just updated to Shinken 1.4 and it seems to have solved the problem. As Jorg Kottman told me, discussion!, the problem was version 1.2 and before related and has been fixed since.

    Thanks for your help


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