Hello everyone.

I'm very new to the monitoring community but we want, in my company, to build something to watch our clients infrastructure.

To do so, we have a Shinken Server on a virtual machine on a cloud provider, and our clients have their own internet provider, and a firewall before their servers.

Our goal is to have in real time, or as real time as it is possible, the information about all their servers, switches and firewalls, on a screen in our office.

For that, i wanted to use some passive checks, but it's a hell when you're new to this, and the documentation is pretty poor to me.
BUT !! i managed to make the active checks work on my server (that's a pretty big thing to me already)

My question is, do I make the good choice to use passive checks for our clients? If yes, i tried nsca, is it the best choice, based on your experience? Is there a way to make active checks possible between them and us? (i thought about a VPN server for exemple)

Thanks to you for answering !

Have a good one