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Thread: Interfaces problems linux-snmp VM

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    Interfaces problems linux-snmp VM


    I am confronted with two problems with shinken.
    Number one, all my servers are virtualized servers. Here I have a problem with linux servers.
    I use the linux-snmp pack and I have a problem with monitoring the interfaces of my vm.
    Indeed the script does not find my cards when I give the standard name (eg: eth0, eth1 etc) but finds them with the name "VMware VMXNET3 Ethernet Controller". Already, there is a problem at this level.
    As a result, the script gives me crazy errors on the bandwidths of these interfaces (of the order of (67578974.98 MBits / s). Have you an idea?

    Then, second thing, I would like to name my hosts with dashes (example: HU-VIGE).
    But when I restart shinken to take into account new hosts, the service refuses to start due to bad configurations of the hosts file.
    Can we escape the "-" character?

    Thank you very much in advance.


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