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Thread: Soooo... is this project dead?

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    Unhappy Soooo... is this project dead?

    I love python, and was really attracted to Shinken... until I started looking around at the forum and latest commits to the code base...

    So, has Shinken been abandoned?

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    I can understand your reservations but as far as I know, no, Shinken isn't dead.

    The company behind Shinken Entreprise is very much alive, and I'm still getting a lot of traffic on the pages talking about Shinken on my personnal blog (meaning there is still an interest in the product).

    It's true though that the OSS community seems to miss some regular updates...

    I'm not related to Shinken in any way so that's only my point of view ;-)

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    with 10 000 views and 1 response, i really think Shinken is dead

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