I'm a problem with check_nt command and SERVICESTATE.
I want check windows service MSSQL (name is : MSSQL$DB) and i don't arrive to do that.
Cause $
In Nagios, it's works fine.
How do that?
Thanks a lot
Emilien RIPOLL

# Service Windows
define command{ 
	command_name	service_windows
	command_line	$PLUGINSDIR$/check_nt -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 12489 -s "" -v SERVICESTATE -l $ARG1$ -d SHOWALL

#DB Service
define service{
	name				db_service
	service_description		db Service
	use				generic-service
	check_command			service_windows!MSSQL$DB,SQLAgent$DB
	host_name			SVRDB
	icon_set			disk
i try:
check_command	service_windows!MSSQL\$DB,SQLAgent$DB
check_command	service_windows!MSSQL$$DB,SQLAgent$DB
check_command	service_windows!MSSQL$$$DB,SQLAgent$DB
check_command	service_windows!MSSQL\\\$DB,SQLAgent$DB