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Thread: bad url for icon_set

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    bad url for icon_set

    i tried to set the icon_set to "network_service" but the link to the logo is wrong :
    it try to look at "/static/image/sets"
    but the images are in " /usr/local/shinken/share/images/sets/{rep}"

    by the way is there any way to set a static image at least as a logo in the dependencis graph? :


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    Re: bad url for icon_set

    Thanks for reporting. I was planning to get a look and change this "share" path for the 1.6 release.

    For the second question, got a look at icon_set property
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    Re: bad url for icon_set

    I remember that i had try this but i think there weren't any change

    I will try again tomorow


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