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Thread: Waiting an additional check to calculate derive

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    Waiting an additional check to calculate derive

    Dear all,

    I have a problem:
    I'd like to monitor a Cisco 6504 switch port
    SnmpBooster says: FROM CACHE: GigabitEthernet1_2_2: Waiting an additional check to calculate derive

    But it doesn't change anytime. I can't see any error messages in the logs, just a few debug entries like:

    [SnmpBooster] Data validity :,GigabitEthernet1_2_2 => True

    [SnmpBooster] Derive 0s protection :,GigabitEthernet1_2_2

    What does mean "Derive 0s protection" ???

    Please help me

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    Re: Waiting an additional check to calculate derive

    Derive 0s protection is an internal safeguard for etheir data collected in too short a time, or that the values are 0 for the OID returned.

    Check the data returned by the switch for the OIDs you want to supervise, it may be an unsupported OID. In that case we can update the template to get something else. Or update the plugin to take into account that 65xx, 45xx, 48xx do not support this.

    Have to check the code where this error message is generated. I cannot remember exactly which error. Need a better message.



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