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Thread: Config Parse Errors

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    Config Parse Errors


    I use Shinken 1.2.4 and Thruk 1.70-3 on Linux Debian 7 (64bits).

    I have this error during the first attempt to "Apply Config Changes" on Thruk UI (Config Tool > Object settings) : Config Parse Errors

    service object has no name in disks.cfg:1
    unknown attribute: duplicate_foreach in event_waiting.cfg:4
    i deleted the specified lines in Shinken conf files but Shinken do not restart !

    in console :
    # service shinken restart
    Restarting arbiter
    Doing config check
    [warn] full result is in /tmp/shinken_checkconfig_result ... (warning).
    [FAIL] ConfigCheck failed: Configuration is incorrect, sorry, I bail out ... failed!
    /tmp/shinken_checkconfig_result :
    [1369137047] Error : [contact::admin] service_notification_commands property is missing
    [1369137047] Error : [contact::admin] host_notification_commands property is missing
    [1369137047] Error : [contact::admin] contact_name property is missing
    [1369137047] Error : [items] In admin is incorrect ; from /usr/local/shinken/etc/contacts.cfg

    that means Thruk and Shinken are not compatibles ?


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    Re: Config Parse Errors

    Seems to be this about duplicate_foreach things. But it means that you can drop some sample packs, because some are using it.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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