Just installed Shinken 1.2.4 to monitor 150 hosts / 1500 services (migrated from Nagios ofc). I've a problem when using snmp to check hosts with a custom SNMP community (Got 2 crappy printers with no possibility to change SNMP community). Useally hosts use the community in ressources.cfg defined in the variable $SNMPCOMMUNITYREAD$. So i followed the wiki and I added _SNMPCOMMUNITY with the default community of my printers in each host definition (for both printers) and it doesn't work

I tried:


Nothing work

Any idea ?

It leads me to a interestting idea for shinken-arbiter daemon config check: Do you think you could add an option to read configuration and develop all options. I mean when an option is unspecified it use the definied by the father definition, with this option all child definition has the whole conifuguration option set so it's easier to debug variables.

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