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Thread: Help for NSCLIENT installation

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    Help for NSCLIENT installation

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a french computer technician, and i want to test Shinke. I make the installation on a W2K8 R2, but i don't know how can i install Nsclient. When you install this software, it ask de password for NSCLIENT password, what i want suppose to do ?

    I'm sorry, if my english it's note really correct.

    And a another question, the best installation, it's on Debian or W2K8 R2 ?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: Help for NSCLIENT installation

    The nsclient will be a server daemon, so to talk to it you need a password. It's where you put the password that you define. then you will have to setup this password on the client side (check_nt, on the shinken host).

    You will have far less problems with debian I think, especially if you W2K8R2 is not fully english setup (won't work on a windows in french, with Ú characters problems).
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    Re: Help for NSCLIENT installation


    I am working on the windows side of shinken. From the 1.0x and 1.2.2 the nsclient was used to communicate on the target windows hosts. If you want use the check_nt command (or nrpe boost) on the server, you need install nsclient on the windows to monitor... From 1.2.2 and in the new 1.2.4 (i will deliver it in few days, the time for me to finish the new veosoft web site.... i hope !) it is better to use check_wmi_plus to communicate with the others windows. Check_nt is also in the distro but only for compatibility backwards.

    Like naparuba said, the password is set to communicate between nsclient and the shinken server. So in the installation of the nsclient set the password and then use these values into the check_nt commands (or in the nrpe booster) I am not familiar with this part, but if you tell me more about your configuration, i think i can help you.

    I really think that to manage windows hosts, check_wmi_plus is the goos solution, more security (no password on the config files) and a lot of command ready to use in the templates...

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