SNMPbooster, genDevConfig, WebUI and Centreon all play rather well so far.

configuration: genDevConfig + Shinken 1.2.4 + Centreon 2.4.1 + Centos 6.3

Except for some display issues:

Under WebUI: the services of these Linux hosts under NetSNMP are all "PENDING" permanently
Under Centreon: they're green

Under WebUI: the partitions /, /var, /opt appear as "_", "_var", "_opt" etc.. picked up from "service_description ": could we have "disk_root", "disk_var" or some such?
Under Centreon: they appear all as "$_storage$", picked up from "display_name"

Under WebUI: There are many disk_ram* and disk_dm-* devices again from "service_description "
Under Centreon: These and more disk_* are all labelled "disk %device%" again from "display_name"

Is anyone working on (in conjunction with to improve legibility?