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Thread: NetSNMP, Centreon and WebUI

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    NetSNMP, Centreon and WebUI

    SNMPbooster, genDevConfig, WebUI and Centreon all play rather well so far.

    configuration: genDevConfig + Shinken 1.2.4 + Centreon 2.4.1 + Centos 6.3

    Except for some display issues:

    Under WebUI: the services of these Linux hosts under NetSNMP are all "PENDING" permanently
    Under Centreon: they're green

    Under WebUI: the partitions /, /var, /opt appear as "_", "_var", "_opt" etc.. picked up from "service_description ": could we have "disk_root", "disk_var" or some such?
    Under Centreon: they appear all as "$_storage$", picked up from "display_name"

    Under WebUI: There are many disk_ram* and disk_dm-* devices again from "service_description "
    Under Centreon: These and more disk_* are all labelled "disk %device%" again from "display_name"

    Is anyone working on (in conjunction with to improve legibility?


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    Re: NetSNMP, Centreon and WebUI

    Hi There,

    If it is in, it is no problem to have it output slashes and other things. Shinken can take these things.

    The code is fairly straight forward to hack, just send in a pull request.



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