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Thread: installation problems

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    installation problems

    Hi, I installed the shinken from git
    through the script ./install -i

    all set up as in the guide, but I see in the web
    localhost  PENDING N/A 
     Cpu PENDING N/A 
     Load PENDING N/A 
     Memory PENDING N/A 
     NetworkUsage PENDING N/A
    How i can fix it?

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    Re: installation problems

    PENDING? or it's fixed after 5min (normal scheduling) or you got a huge problem. Look at the logs.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    skl1f, i recetly had the same problrm while writing legit essay writing service, Download last stable Shinken tarball archive (or get the latest git snapshot) and extract it somewhere:

    adduser shinken
    tar -xvzf shinken-2.4.tar.gz
    cd shinken-2.4
    python install

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    I also facing this same problem but now I am moved ON and home air conditioner is my first choice to do at this time.

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