Here are all my symptoms in Skonf :
host added by discover is not seen in Shinken
editing one discovered host is not working (for exemple, adding a template and try "save&quot
the button "manage system" is disabled
impossible to activate a timeperiod

I was thinking of a MongoDB related issue, but I double check and I add it in arbiter, add mongologs for Livestatus and no error in logs about MongoDB
I have restart in debug mode, and this is what I can see in file when I try activate a timeperiod for exemple :
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/webui/bottle.py", line 682, in _handle
  return callback(**args)
 File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/webui/bottle.py", line 1332, in wrapper
  rv = callback(*a, **ka)
 File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/daemons/skonfdaemon.py", line 673, in lock_version
  return f(**args)
 File "/usr/local/shinken/shinken/webui/plugins_skonf/elements/elements.py", line 193, in disable_object
  d['_state'] = 'disabled'
TypeError: 'NoneType' object does not support item assignment
When try saving a host or manage system, I don't see anything in logs. Is there some better browser to use the webgui and skonf ?