Whith a lot of delay - sorry about that - i create a check_ping for windows named check_winping. I don't know how set it in the templates of the project, but for you installation you just have to put it into the libexec files (where wmi and check_wmi_plus are put) or another folder and define a check_winhost_alive command using something like that :

define command{
command_name check_winping
command_line $PLUGINSDIR$/check_winping -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 100.0,90% -c 200.0,60%

check_winping works exactly as the nagios plugin but it is written in c# 2.0.
In my case, if the host is not pinging, the status is down...

Be carefull about the threshold of the command, the first one is the timing average to ping and the second the percent of packet lost. If you need, i can send to you the exec file, for the moment, i don't have published the 1.2.4 for windows (some other issues on swap files). It will be done in 1 week max. You can send a mail to shinken.install@veosoft.net to get the exec file check_winping.exe

regards, JFB