I currently playing with shinken + graphite, and as this supervision software seems to perform great, I thought of using it also to replace Smokeping that I use to monitor ping latency and loss on some hosts (mainly customer / supplier equipments).

For that I defined a template "ping_host" that only does an ICMP check and sends no notification on failures. To separate data of these "ping_host"
from other hosts I monitor, I tried to use the _GRAPHITE_PRE parameter, so that all my ping_host data in graphite are stored in ping_host.hostA, ping_host.hostB...

I add eveything I need in the config files, restart shinken. Shinken sends pings to the test host I just added, and in Graphite Browser I can see the graph added with the right hierarchy (for example : "ping_host.hostA.__HOST__.pl&quot. So far, so good...

I go to the Webui, to look if everything is fine, but graphs show only a black rectangle with "No data" written. While looking at the URL used to display graphs, I see that the prefix defined in "_GRAPHITE_PRE" is missing. I could display the graph by copy-pasting the URL in my browser's URL bar, and adding "ping_host." where it should have been.

I've done some tests, and this problem occurs also if graphite_data_source is set. Problem occurs for hosts graphs and services graphs.
Here is some config snippet :

define module {
  module_name   Graphite-Perfdata
  module_type   graphite_perfdata
  host      localhost
  port      2004 ; default port 2003 for raw data on the socket, 2004 for pickled data
  use_pickle 1 ; default value is 0, 1 for pickled data
  tick_limit 300 ; Default value 300
  graphite_data_source shinken ; default is that the variable is unset

define module {
  module_name   GRAPHITE_UI
  module_type   graphite_webui
  uri       http://graphite.domain.com/ 
  templates_path /usr/local/shinken/share/templates/graphite/
  graphite_data_source shinken

define host{
    name       ping-host
    register     0
    check_command	check_ping
    _GRAPHITE_PRE	ping_host
    max_check_attempts       2
    check_interval         1
    active_checks_enabled      1
    check_period          24x7
    notifications_enabled      0
    event_handler_enabled      0
    flap_detection_enabled     0
    process_perf_data        1

define host{
    use           ping-host
    host_name        hostA.com
    address         hostA.com
	alias			Host A
Here is the URL generated by WebUI, and the URL that should have been generated :
I use Shinken 1.2 on debian Wheezy.

Is this a bug, or is there something I did wrong ?