The Shinken forums are a great place to share information on everything related Shinken. Its UIs, plugins, neat tricks, performance feats, getting help and monitoring related discussions.

If seeking help, please consult the following resources that should get you where you need:

1 - Respect your fellow users.

2 - Found out how to do something useful! Share it in the forums and document it in the wiki.

3 - If your question has been resolved, modify the first post of your thread to mark the Title of the post as [Resolved] Post Title.

4 - Commercial support. An official offering is in the works. In the mean time you can contact some of the Shinken authors and get a quote for the work to be done. This has been done for some important features and fixes. You contribute to an open-source project and your enterprise benefits in getting exactly what it needs. Win - Win.

Thank you for visiting the Shinken forums!