it appears a fresh install of shinken 1.2 and multisite 1.1.12p7 don't store logs in sqlite although the following (default) settings in shinken-specific.cfg:

define module {
 modules logsqlite
 host *
 module_type livestatus
 module_name Livestatus
 port 50000

define module {
 max_logs_age 3m
 module_name logsqlite
 module_type logstore_sqlite
 database_file /usr/local/shinken/var/livelogs.db
However livestatus log can open the sqlite database....
Get an LogStore Sqlite module for plugin logsqlite
modulemanager file /usr/local/shinken/shinken/modulesmanager.pyc
modulemanager absolute file /usr/local/shinken/shinken/modulesmanager.pyc
Using modules path: /usr/local/shinken/shinken/modules
Go run
[glow=red,2,300]Openning LiveStatusLogStoreSqlite ok : /usr/local/shinken/var/livelogs.db[/glow]
Livestatus query thread started
listening on tcp port 50000
Regenerator: Creating config: 0
Clean hosts/service of 0
Cleaning host:0 srv:0
Contact with data {'service_notifications_enabled': True, 'can_submit_commands': True, 'contact_name': u'admin', 'id': 1, 'instance_id': 0, 'service_notification_commands': '', 'downtimes': [], 'retain_status_information': True, 'service_notification_options': '', 'tags': set([u'generic-contact']), 'address1': 'none', 'address2': 'none', 'address3': 'none', 'address4': 'none', 'address5': 'none', 'address6': 'none', 'contactgroups': '', 'is_admin': True, 'password': u'admin', 'pager': u'0600000000', 'host_notification_period': '', 'notificationways': [<shinken.objects.notificationway.NotificationWa y object at 0x33f6390>], 'host_notifications_enabled': True, 'host_notification_commands': '', 'service_notification_period': '', 'min_business_impact': '', 'email': u'shinken@localhost', 'modified_attributes': 0L, 'alias': 'none', 'host_notification_options': ''}
Creating Contact: admin
Got notif ways [<shinken.objects.notificationway.NotificationWa y object at 0x33f6390>]
Creating notif way email

No entries are written....

[root@shinken1 var]# file livelogs.db
livelogs.db: SQLite 3.x database

[root@shinken1 var]# wc -l livelogs.db
2 livelogs.db

[root@shinken1 var]# cat livelogs.db
SQLite format 3@
 M)kindexlogs_host_namelogsCREATE INDEX logs_host_name ON logs (host_name)>Windexlogs_timelogsCREATE INDEX logs_time ON logs
 (time)b'tablelogslogsCREATE TABLE logs(logobject INT, attempt INT, class INT, command_name VARCHAR(64), comment VARCHAR(256), 
contact_name VARCHAR(64), host_name VARCHAR(64), lineno INT, message VARCHAR(512), options VARCHAR(512), plugin_output 
VARCHAR(256), service_description VARCHAR(64), state INT, state_type VARCHAR(10), time INT, type VARCHAR(64))

I try use "use_agressive_sql" with no success...

Any ideas?