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Thread: Anybody using perf-o-meter into Multisite?

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    Anybody using perf-o-meter into Multisite?

    Anybody is using column "Perf-o-meter" into Multisite? can explain how to integrate?
    I tried to use them and not work...
    I don't know if this image (image 5) is just a example from multisite web site or is using shinken ....
    I'm using it with checks who return a numeric value as perf data, as cpu usage, memory... and these counters are used ok at pnp4nagios
    Also there is no much doc at multisite's web about it


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    Re: Anybody using perf-o-meter into Multisite?

    Performeters in multisite are reserved to check_mk agent data I think.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: Anybody using perf-o-meter into Multisite?

    after a few investigation of multisite files I got some per-o-meters working with shinken data ;D
    I don't know too much of python but there are some examples at files

    /usr/local/check_mk/share/web/plugins/perfometer/ and but it seems only valid for check_mk checks...

    at active_checks there are some examples how to define per-o-meters.. i tried to write some ones but didn't work but copied ones yes..
    only thing is write a line like this
    perfometers["my-command"] = perfometer_xxxxxx

    where my-command is shinken used command (as reported to UI, can be watched at check performance data) and perfometer_xxxxxxx is defined perfometer at this file..
    so, multisite links command with defined perfometer function and draws


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    Could you pleaser open up a ticket on github (i will assign it to me then) I've not been using multisite for a long time (really) so did not see this evolution

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