Hi all,

I've been recently using Shinken and enjoying how powerful it is, please continue the great work!

I am trying to use on a CentOS 5 VM (old, I know, maybe it's a good opportunity to upgrade...) but the discovery plugins are not working.

[root@labs028-nagios shinken]# ./libexec/nmap_discovery_runner.py -t localhost
Got our target ['localhost']
propose a tmppath /tmp/tmpMBYhue
Launching command, sudo nmap localhost -sU -sT --min-rate 1000 --max-retries 0 -T4 -O --traceroute -oX /tmp/tmpMBYhue
Try to communicate
Error: the nmap return an error: 'nmap: unrecognized option `--min-rate'
[root@labs028-nagios shinken]#
The nmap version is not THAT old, right?

Installed Packages
Name    : nmap
Arch    : x86_64
Epoch   : 2
Version  : 4.11

What am I missing here?