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Thread: Problem with views & multisite

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    Problem with views & multisite

    I'm using shinken & multisite as UI..
    I've the host groups "as a tree", I mean... group X and "into it", group "X-1" and "X-2". Each host belongs to 2 groups "X-1" and "X", or "X-2" and "X".
    I had some views to show hosts. One was "all host with problem except hosts belonging to group X". Until now, I had defined a view and used a view with hostgroup, the host group name "enforced" and using "negate" to show all host except all belonging to group X".

    I updated multisite to 1.12 and now it seems don't work.... Anybody using this or similar?
    Also tried to use filter with regular expresions at view but no way..


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    Re: Problem with views & multisite - closed

    Well, one work colleague has solved it by using regular expressions at hostname because excluded hosts starts with same sub-string...

    multisite has powerful features but documentation is very very difficult...

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    Re: Problem with views & multisite

    Outch, not so easy ton find indeed
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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