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Thread: Skonf Installation Problem

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    Skonf Installation Problem


    I'm brand new to Shinken, I've have experience with other NAGIOS forks in the past, and really like whats going on here.

    I have a CentOS 6.3 box and installed Shinken using the super slick curl method no problem. I did notice that my entire system memory was consumed post-installation, I've reproduced this multiple times. A simple reboot fixes it. That may want to be looked at.

    My problem right now is that I can't seem to get SkonfUI to come online. I added MongoDB to the WebUI module in shinken_specific.cfg and restarted the services. I tried jumping on x.x.x.x:7766 to no avail (the apparent listening port of skonfUI). I ran lsof -Pnl +M -i4 to check the listening ports and didn't see anything running on 7766.

    What am I missing to get skonfUI working? Let me know if you need more information.


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    Re: Skonf Installation Problem


    You should run it with the bin/ and check the log at /tmp/skonf.debug.
    Maybe you'll find something in there.

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