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Thread: [RESOLVED] service dependency definition

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    [RESOLVED] service dependency definition

    define service{
    host_name srv-web
    service_description Http
    service_dependencies srv-db,mysql

    Can a service have more than one dependency? If so, how is it defined.

    Wiki says:
    You can create several dependencies for a given service, but you must add a separate service dependency definition for each dependency you create.
    Is the following definition for when applying more than one dependency?

    define servicedependency{
    host_name Host B
    service_description Service D
    dependent_host_name Host C
    dependent_service_description Service F
    execution_failure_criteria o
    notification_failure_criteria w,u

    Thank you for clearing this up. I will update the wiki if necessary.


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    Re: service dependency definition

    Nop, in fact you just need to add more "services" to the parameter like this :
    define service{
    host_name srv-web
    service_description Http
    service_dependencies srv-db,mysql,srv-nfs,nfs

    The define servicedependency{ should only be used if you got some special parameter like notification_failure_criteria or timeperiod that is not 24x7. One important thing that should be said one time again : execution_failure_criteria should be really avoid at all cost. It can make things goes wrong in the monitoring logic I think. It's mainly useless (it's just a poor tuning parameter...) and even dangerous.

    One more thing : if you put :
    define service{
    host_name srv-web
    service_description Cpu
    service_dependencies ,SNMP

    It will automatically create a dependecy of the same host SNMP service (ok here the interest is low, because it's a unique service, but with service packs, it can be great ). So "" hostname means "my host".
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    Service dependencies are an advanced feature of Shinken that allow you to suppress notifications and active checks of services based on the status of one or more other services.

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