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Thread: [RESOLVED] No DOWNTIMESTART notification

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    [RESOLVED] No DOWNTIMESTART notification
    When a host or service is in a period of scheduled downtime, Shinken will not allow normal notifications to be sent out for the host or service. However, a “DOWNTIMESTART” notification will get sent out for the host or service, which will serve to put any admins on notice that they won't receive upcoming problem alerts.
    Hi, according to the info above Shinkn should trigger an alert when a downtime begins, but mine doesn't. What needs to be configured for Shinken in order to send “DOWNTIMESTART” notifications ? Is there a special parameter? Because service_notification_options has only w,u,c,r,f . Thanks !

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    Re: No DOWNTIMESTART notification

    For services, Nagios uses "s" for this notification

    "s = send notifications when scheduled downtime starts and ends"

    At you can see "s" is valid at notification options


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    Re: No DOWNTIMESTART notification

    Yes, thank you, I was looking in the wrong place

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