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Thread: Detect host nics by using snmp.

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    Detect host nics by using snmp.


    H4wkmoon has suggested to detect nics on a host using snmp info like for fs discovery. It is easy to retrieve these informations but what to do with that ?
    Linked by host macros ? linked like parents <-> child ?


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    Re: Detect host nics by using snmp.

    I think put in macro is a default, so it's easy to create a "check all" service.

    For parent, with just this I don't see how to create the links
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    Re: Detect host nics by using snmp.

    The idea, it's to attach to a hostname with a 'master' IP (known as boot address) which is address of server no matter what happen, it will always be that address used to reach this server. That address, it is specified by field 'address' in host definition. All remaining addresses which can change owners and appears on other hosts upon time, will be linked to that address/hostname.
    The hard part, it's how to determine the master address. Empirically, it is mainly the first address on the first adapter on host but it isn't accurate as method :/.

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