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Thread: Notification debug help

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    Notification debug help

    I've writed two commands for notifications -service and hosts-
    If I run them as shinken user from bash and works ok (write some trace data on a local file, I will erase it, and send emails with required format).
    At shinken cfg files I can see config ok.. I test into time period, host & service checks enabled..
    When I force notifications with a dummy check with critical status I can see nothing... Also there is nothing at smpt log

    There is any way to force shinken log notifications? i tried to restart reactioner with debug but can't see nothing..
    And need to see where are notifications..


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    Re: Notification debug help

    Set also the Scheduler in debug mode.

    Interesting problem, the Reactionner itself does not do much, it is the Scheduler logs that are more interesting in this case. Especially what gets sent/or_not to the Reactionner.

    You will have to provide the data to reproduce the issue. Can you put up a mini configuration.

    You are running the git version if I am not mistaken. Yesterday, there where a lot of commit related to notification fixes.

    Based on what you send us, someone can reproduce it and look at the code.



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    Re: Notification debug help

    will try to run scheduler on debug mode an look for problem

    as usually... thanks a lot ;D

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