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Thread: how often, triggered by what?

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    how often, triggered by what?


    how often is a discovery meant to be run? Once at installation time? No. If your boss says "we have new hosts/services"? No. If your colleague tells you that he has migrated some virtual machine to another hypervisor? Can you elaborate a little more? I think I didn't get the whole picture of the discovery process.


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    Re: how often, triggered by what?

    The discovery can be done as soon as you want, like update your data or add a new host for a specific new host scan ;D
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    Re: how often, triggered by what?

    I think I just have to try this out and see what happens.


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    Re: how often, triggered by what?

    The only caveat is updating the configuration too often can impact acquisition and the frontend depending on how many services you are running.

    For example with installations with more than 10K services.

    Care also needs to be taken when updating the configuration to be able to back-out a change. Use subversion or other change control system to keep a history. This way you do not cause unplanned outages looking for a piece of borked configuration that is causing Shinken to bail.



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