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Thread: JMX notifications and Passive checks

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    JMX notifications and Passive checks

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbee in monitoring world. I plan to use passive check to push some problems of my application when they occur. Now, these problems are notified to a client through JMX notifications.
    What is the best way to integrate JMX notifications sent by the monitored JAVA application and passive checks ? Have you a tools/plugin/module to advise me ?


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    Re: JMX notifications and Passive checks

    Hum no sorry, I don't know about such system. Maybe some others will know about it
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: JMX notifications and Passive checks


    You can try reading up on the following topic:

    It has a nice write-up on what can be done to interact with JMX.

    Shinken supports NSCA or plugins that interact with JMX. But anything that uses Java for polling is bound to be severely limited in scalability. They propose alternative transport methods for polling. The passive method is the good one if you can instrument your code to call send_nsca to push back metrics to Shinken.

    You can also push massive amounts of data back to the Graphite database directly bypassing Shinken/Nagios and doing data analysis against the Graphite server using one of the plugins mentioned here: .

    You can also use NSCAweb transport by Jelle Smet, but the Shinken receiver module has not been implemented yet (Not too complicated considering you can re-use most of the NSCA receiver code.

    Hope this gets you going and welcome to the Shinken community.


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