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Thread: Poller full Passive Mode

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    Poller full Passive Mode


    first of all: This is a great Project! Congratulations!

    I read on the following site about the passive possibilities

    Some of my customer don't allow/like ingoing Traffic - is there a way to put the poller in a passiv mode. so, he Get the config and return the checks back, like this:

    arbiter (ourDMZ) <---- get conf <--- poller (customer)
    Scheduler (ourDMZ) <------- submit checks <---- poller (customer)

    in my current nagios setup, the Satalite Nagios do this very well over https... but I want to migrate to shinken.

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    Re: Poller full Passive Mode

    Just wanted to say, I'm interested in the result also!

    == John ==

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    Re: Poller full Passive Mode


    In fact the poller->scheduler connexion is already the default one. But from now the arbiter <---poller is not possible sorry

    The passive poller way is good for DMZ, but with the scheduler in the customer LAN too.

    I can add the passive configuration in the roadmap, but it will take time to get (end of the year I think we need to finish the UI first).
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