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Thread: freshness for passive checks

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    freshness for passive checks

    I have observed that whatever value I am giving for service_freshness_check_interval in /etc/shinken/nagios.cfg, Shinken will compare the threshold value against the age of the last check result at aprox 30 seconds fixed interval. Is this a known bug ? Thanks !

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    Re: freshness for passive checks

    Ehlo !

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    Re: freshness for passive checks


    I guess it's not a known bug :P This parameter is not well used. Can you open a ticket on the git?

    If you can give as much details as you can it will be easier for us to hunt this bug

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    Re: freshness for passive checks

    There is bugfixes in git about check_freshness. You should give it a try.

    $ git log --pretty=oneline | grep freshness
    f2bbb6d5d5b9595a76df7cc132b9c35fa6b9ef63 check_freshness shouldn't be in retention
    52b968059a5c43764fe65177b708a867e7a949c0 Fix (reported by : Nicolas Dupeux): local/global issue with properties names between class and isntances for freshness.


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