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Thread: NSCA passive cheks from a distant receiver

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    Re: NSCA passive cheks from a distant receiver

    And what about a nsca client that can submit to different nsca servers at once? Then if more then one receiver/arbiter is getting the same message, only the active one should act upon it. I got this idea from here:

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    Re: NSCA passive cheks from a distant receiver

    The problem is that there is no "message id" in the NSCA protocol. I think the more realable solution is a simple virtual ip for some reveivers behind. I'm not a big fan fo putting "cluster" things in the client side. what is you add a new receiver of remove one? You will have to modify all your send_nsca installations, where with a VIP, it's done in few seconds without touching to clients
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    Re: NSCA passive cheks from a distant receiver

    [quote author=naparuba link=topic=311.msg1626#msg1626 date=1332495400]
    You mean you got 2 shinken-specific.cfg files? You should have only one version, and paste it near your arbiters (and only the arbiters).

    You receiver2 definition also need modules. without it it will be useless and won't open a file. So copy/paste the receiver1 objects, rename it 2 with the good IP, all in the same specific.cfg file. Then copy this file near all your arbiters (start with only one arbiter, and when all is ok, add a spare, will be easier to test/setup). Should be ok with this
    Can you please be more specific ? Also I think there is a misunderstanding in the air
    So, currently I have a DMZ set up with a poller in the DMZ(like in and I want to get the passive checks results from the DMZ to the shinken master host(which can be accessed only from the poller host in the DMZ). This is not a high availability architecture because the poller host has access only to the shinken master so it can monitor only the hosts from the DMZ. Thanks !

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