I'm trying to evaluate Shinken in contrast to our current Nagios installation. I am running into an error when trying to load our Nagios 4 config. The error is
FAILED: AttributeError: 'Servicedependency' object has no attribute 'dependent_service_description' (full output is in /tmp/bad_start_for_arbiter)
. The following is a snippet from my config that shows how we get to this error. My questions: How do I fix this? What changes can i make to get this to work in Shinken? Is this an oversight in the app, and a bug that needs to be fixed?

define service {
    hostgroup_name         ams
    service_description    memory
    servicegroups          ams memory,memory
    use                    generic-service
    check_command          check_nrpe!check_mem
define servicegroup {
    servicegroup_name    ams memory
    alias                ams memory
define servicedependency {
    service_description              nrpe
    dependent_servicegroup_name      ams memory
    execution_failure_criteria       n
    notification_failure_criteria    p,c