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Thread: I dont understand how to install Shinken

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    I dont understand how to install Shinken

    Hi all,

    about once a year I give Shinken a try. And once a year I throw it because I'm really feed up with impenetrable documentation. Even so the doc is improving year after year.
    So okay, I decided to give it a last chance. This time I post a message on the official forum. Tadaaa

    I installed a fresh Debian Jessie 8.5
    I installed Shinken with the "10 Minutes Shinken Installation Guide". Was easy.
    But I still can't do anything until I set up a web interface. So I read the doc and found
    Nice. Let's see that.
    Step 1: I create the file "modules/webui.cfg" with the content given on the documentation. The doc is not clear about the fact this file has to be created, so I wondered if anything was wrong
    Step 2: change the value of "auth_secret"
    Step 3: "declare these modules in the modules property of WebUI". Hey, how I am supposed to do it ? What are "these modules" ?!
    Step 4: "Shinken contact - cfg_password_webui" erh... I don't understant what I am supposed to do. Fully incomprehensible for me
    Step 5: I post this message

    Can anyone post a link to a tutorial to start with Shinken ?

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    I don't have a link to a tutorial to start with Shinken, but I can tell you how i installed WebUI.

    First, you have to install the module
    shinken install webui2

    Then, you need to modify the broker file (/etc/shinken/brokers/broker-master.cfg) to add the webui. To do so, just add "webui2" in the module line. You have to add here each module you want to use.
    modules webui2,simple-log,livestatus

    In the webui2.cfg file (/etc/shinken/modules/), you need to modify the auth_secret password.
    # Authentication secret for session cookie
    auth_secret BOBLEPONGE
    ; CHANGE THIS or someone could forge cookies

    Then, you have to create a user in Shinken contacts or with an authentication module. I used htpasswd. To do so, you have to install httpd-tools package, and enter the following command:
    htpasswd -c /etc/shinken/htpasswd.users <user_name>

    Then, restart Shinken, and your WebUI should be available here: http://<server_ip>:7767/

    Hope it'll help you

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    Did you do only theses steps to get the webui2 working ?

    That's what i did but i can't reach the webui2...

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