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Thread: Problem with host variables exposed to service

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    Problem with host variables exposed to service

    We have a large number of Oracle databases that are not in the standard Oracle ports. (dozens of services, and > 120 hosts).

    I'm seemingly not getting host variables passed into the service checks.

    If my check script has the following host:

    define host{
    	check_command		check_host_alive
    #Now, for the services running on this host
    	_CHECK_HTTP_PORT         8000
    	_CHECK_HTTP_URI           /
    	_CHECK_FORMS_URI         /forms
    The service definition is:

       service_description           State Forms listener
       use            5min_short,forms-service
       register       0
       host_name	  oracle-forms
       check_command  check_forms
       _DETAILEDESC          Check that Forms listener is up and running, just seeing http://$HOSTNAME$:$_HOSTFORMS_LISTENER_PORT$/forms
       _IMPACT                Critical: Can't launch Forms applications.
       _FIXACTIONS            Check OFM (Oracle Fusion Middleware - Forms and Reports) service status, may be start it.
    and the actual check command:
    define command {
           command_name	check_forms
           command_line	$NAGIOSPLUGINSDIR$/check_http -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -u "/forms" -p $_CHECK_HTTP_PORT$
    But I get a 'man page'. it turns out that although $HOSTADDRESS$ is updated, $_CHECK_HTTP_PORT$ is blank.

    Why does HOSTADDRESS update but not _CHECK_HTTP_PORT?


    == John ==

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    No one?

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    Not sure where you get that?

    _CHECK_HTTP_PORT is defined at the host level, I don't see where _HOSTCHECK_HTTP_PORT is defined.

    It IS defined for check_http but I'm checking forms, not http.

    == John ==
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    Yes, check_forms uses check_http, which uses_HOSTCHECK_HTTP_PORT but check_forms is driving the Linux command in NAGIOSPLUGINSDIR right?

    I tried defining _HOSTCHECK_HTTP_PORT at the host as well, kept the same service definition above, and it's still blank. The check command is actually:

    /usr/local/libexec/check_http -H -u /forms -p

    No value after the -p still.

    == John ==

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