I have an issue with my Shinken configuration. I am using it to monitor multiples equipments.
For now, I successfully monitor around 230 hosts, representing 1100 services.
Some of theses hosts are not accessible directly, so I used a poller with VPN connection with the master (using OpenVPN). The VPN configuration was great (remote poller and master was able to communicate). But the Shinken server was constantly rebooting ... (no access to the web interface and so on).

I thought it was because of the OpenVPN, so I tried to deploy pollers without using this "soft". I successfully deployed one poller, it was working perfectly with two hosts. But when I added another poller ... same behaviour. The server was still reboooting all the time.

Please find bellow one remote poller configuration :

define poller {
    poller_name     poller-ccp
    port            7771
    spare           0

    ## Optional
    manage_sub_realms   0
    min_workers         0
    max_workers         0
    processes_by_worker 256
    polling_interval    1
    poller_tags         ccp

    realm   All
Tell me if you need me to join a specific log file with that case ?

Per advance, thank you for your help.
Jordan HENRY