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Thread: NagVis on Shinken 2.4

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    NagVis on Shinken 2.4


    I'm using Shinken 2.4 on CentOS 7 but having trouble getting NagVis working. The livestatus module appears to be working but I can't get the /nagvis page to open. I followed the instructions in the Shinken Manual for NagVis and turned off selinux. Please advise.


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    I know this post is quite old, but I had a lot of troubles installing NagVis on Shinken, so maybe this can help somebody .

    You first need to install Livestatus and logstore-sqlite modules for Shinken:
    shinken install livestatus
    shinken install logstore-sqlite

    Then, activate the Livestatus module in the broker file /etc/shinken/brokers/broker-master.cfg :
    modules livestatus

    In the Livestatus config file (/etc/shinken/modules/livestatus.cfg), activate the socket (uncomment the following line):
    socket /usr/local/shinken/var/rw/live ; If a Unix socket is required

    If it doesn't exist, create the folder /usr/local/shinken/var/rw

    Restart Shinken broker:
    service shinken restart

    To install NagVis, dowload the last version here.

    You will need some dependencies :
    yum install httpd
    yum install php
    yum install gd
    yum install rsync
    yum install php-devel

    You need to start httpd
    service httpd start

    Then, follow instructions in INSTALL file located in NagVis folder:

    Unzip the folder where you want
    tar xvzf nagvis-1.8*.tar.gz /tmp
    cd /tmp/nagvis-1.8*

    Make installer executable and run it
    chmod +x

    Here, information to enter during installation (you can change these values later in the /usr/local/nagvis/etc/nagvis.ini.php file):
    Please enter the path to the nagios base directory [/usr/local/nagios]:/var/lib/shinken (shinken files location)
    Please enter the path to NagVis base [/usr/local/nagvis]: Leave the default value
    Do you want to use backend mklivestatus? [y]: y
    Do you want to use backend ndo2db? [n]: n
    Do you want to use backend ido2db? [n]: n
    Please enter your MKLivestatus socket: "unix:/usr/local/shinken/var/rw/live"
    Please enter the web path to NagVis [/nagvis]: Leave the default values for the following parameters
    Please enter the name of the web-server user [apache]:
    Please enter the name of the web-server group [apache]:
    Create Apache config file [y]:

    If needed, switch SELinux into permissive mode:
    setenforce 0

    Now, you can access to NagVis to this address: http://<frontend_ip>/nagvis/
    Default user is admin/admin
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