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Thread: webui2 404 error when opening /dashboard/currently

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    Question webui2 404 error when opening /dashboard/currently

    Shinken noob, sorry, so this is probably something daft.

    I followed the 10 minute install, on Debian Wheezy, and got the original webui up and running, but couldn't get SQLitedb working (constantly giving the "you don't have a database" configured error). But this post isn't about that.

    I thought I might have better luck using webui2, so I followed the install instructions, configuring mongodb along the way, and it seemed to work! No errors about missing database config.

    However, when I click the "eye" icon (eyecon?) for the "currently" dashboard, I get a 404 error. This dashboard worked on the old webui.

    I also tried to do the "expert install" procedure for webui2, by downloading the webui2 branch archive, but that just broke it completely!

    Any hints would be appreciated

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    For Webui2, what do you mean with "broken"? An error message on your browser ? Some errors in brokerd.log ?

    Without any clues it will be impossible to help ...

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    Please excuse typo's as I'm soothing this on my phone.

    Sorry, I should have said. It range responding at all but I suspect that it might be the same problem as others have been having with debian jessie - it did eventually begin responding after about 10 minutes. I tried upping the number of daemon threads and that seemed to make it take less time to become responsive. As is been suggested that jessie might be the problem, I think I'll try rebuilding with debian wheezy and see where that takes me...
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    Resolution: working on Debian 7 (wheezy). However, it seems that there is a significant delay between the init script completing and the web interface becoming available - I might have been too impatient initially (used to Nagios which is available immediately after a service restart).

    Now to get it working with Check_MK and PNP4Nagios and compare with Graphite.

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