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Thread: SNMPBooster with Shinken 2.x, anyone using it?

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    SNMPBooster with Shinken 2.x, anyone using it?

    Checking in to see how people are using snmp booster with Shinken 2.x.

    Number of hosts and OIDs supervised
    Type of devices monitored
    Using genDevConfig with snmpbooster

    Using snmp booster may not be straight forward, but it is the best and only way to scale SNMP monitoring with Shinken. It still gets improvements from time to time and does not currently have any known bugs or issues.

    I look forward to hearing about your tales.



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    I never used but I am interested to give a try ... any link to a doc perharps ?

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    The documentation is in readthedocs. It is a standard module for Shinken 2.x.

    It has the design spec, how to install it, configure it and more.

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