I have installed using the read the docs but I cannot get webui v1 or 2 to start
a netstat does not even show the open port.
I have set the log level on shinken to debug but the broker log shows nothing.
How can I get webui to work?

installed using:

[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Using the local log file '/var/log/shinken/brokerd.log'
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Printing stored debug messages prior to our daemonization
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Successfully changed to workdir: /var/run/shinken
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Opening pid file: /var/run/shinken/brokerd.pid
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Redirecting stdout and stderr as necessary..
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] We are now fully daemonized pid=9732
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Starting HTTP daemon
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Modules directory: /var/lib/shinken/modules
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Modules directory: /var/lib/shinken/modules
[1452134924] INFO: [Shinken] Waiting for initial configuration

I have added webui2 to the modules line in broker-master.cfg

I'm losing hair and sleep and have no clue what else to do.