After 20 years of playing in the NBA, Vince Carter is retiring at the end of the current 2019-20 season. While the 42-year-old small forward has achieved such accolades as Rookie of the Year (1999), All-Star (2000-07), and jordan 9 blue and white Contest champion (2000), he hasnít won an NBA title in his four-decade-spanning career. And yet, Vinsanity has been one of the most influential players to step on the hardwood not only because of his high-flying feats, but because he always used the game of basketball to give back. Itís why so many kids across Canada installed hoops in their driveways in the early í00s and why so many Torontonians felt proud to rock their teamís jersey outside their city (even if their mascot looked like Barney). Itís also why they Ė and others across the world Ė wanted a pair of sean wotherspoon nike sneakers like the BB4. Released in 2000, the astronaut uniform-inspired model features piston-cushioning at the heel unlike anything else on the marketplace at the time. When paired with VCís jaw-dropping dunks, thereís no wondering why these futuristic silhouettes had so much success among aspiring hoopers. Though a retro, this iteration dresses everything from glossy uppers to chrome heel structures in an of-its-era black/grey/red palette.

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