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Thread: Notification after 30 minutes

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    Notification after 30 minutes

    Good morning everyone,

    I have one question about notifications. I can't make it work properly :/.
    So here is my issue :

    I am using shinken 2.4.2 on Debian 8.2.
    When a service isn't in a good state, I receive an e-mail (normal behaviour). I configured Shinken to send only one e-mail when a problem happens.
    But when the problem concerns a specific service, I would like to wait for 30 minutes before sending this e-mail (to see if the problem is just temporary or not, for the CPU or RAM consumption for example).
    I tried to use the attribute : first_notification_delay, but it's not working :/. I also tried services escalation... same result.

    Would someone has an idea please ?

    Please find below my configuration. Feel free to ask if you need more informations.
    define service{
            hostgroup_name          windows
            service_description     Check Disque C:
            check_command           check_snmp_storage!C:!90!95
            check_period            24x7
            check_interval          3
            retry_interval          1
    define host{
            contact_groups          admins
            notification_interval   0
            host_name               INDRE-SRV-VCR
            hostgroups              indre, veeam, windows
    # GPS
            _LOC_LAT                47.20019
            _LOC_LNG                -1.673658
    define contact{
            contact_name            admin
            alias                   Admin
            pager                   0600000000
            password                admin
            is_admin                1
            expert                  1
            notificationways        email
            host_notifications_enabled      1
            service_notifications_enable    1
            can_submit_commands             1

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    Thank you for posting this topic it will help me out to solve my problem

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