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Thread: Error 500 on fresh install webui2

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    Error 500 on fresh install webui2

    Hi, i juste want to install for try the new webui2. On debian system i install Shinken like that :

    apt-get install python-pip python-pycurl
    adduser shinken
    pip install shinken
    And after i install webui2 :

    shinken install webui2
    pip install pymongo>=3.0.3 requests arrow bottle==0.12.8
    apt-get install mongodb
    for finish i add this module in my broker configuration file :


    modules     webui2
    When i restart shinken services i have no error at check config. But on the HTTP login i have this :

    For the installation i use this two web pages :

    I don't find anything on the internet with the same problem, anyone is in the same case? If I understand this problem, maybe its because I have no user configured? I just keep the webui2 default configuration file.

    Thanks for replies, and sorry for my bad English.
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