I'm trying to set any bp_rules for checking conection with remote offices.
Each office has two different internet service provider's router.
At old nagios i had two simple hosts named "provider1-officeX" and "provider2-officeX" (migrated to shinken and working ok at this moment)
Now i want to setup a cluster check so only warns me when two routers are dead.. I'will mantain warnings to provider when his router falls linked to old host definition (and reduce work of managing these incidents).

I've created a rule
define host {
host_name WAN-officeX
service_description xxxxxx
use xxxxx
check_command bp_rule!(1 of: provider1-officeX,provider2-officeX)

But checks tells me that "provider2-officeX" and "provider1-officeX" are unknown services (sure, they are hosts).
How can I write this rule? i'm on the correct way?