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Thread: Business_impact changing for dependent hosts?

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    Business_impact changing for dependent hosts?

    This is with Shinken 2.4.1 running on RedHat 6.3

    We are facing an issue about business_impact.
    For example

    Hosts: hosta, hostb, hostc
    Business Impact for hosts : 2 (default)

    Service for each host: serviceA
    Business Impact for serviceA : 3

    business rule is defined like

    define service{
      display_name              Test BP
      service_description      test_bp
      host_name                 host_global
      max_check_attempts   1
      check_interval            1
      business_impact          4
      check_command          bp_rule!3of: hosta,serviceA|hostb,serviceA|hostc,serviceA
      servicegroups             test_group
      contact_groups           test_prod
      use                           test-service
    Immediately after shinken starts, business_impact for host remains 3, but when this business_rule become active (checked ?), business_impact for these hosts will be 4.

    This was noticed under the situation where all 3 hosts were shutdown, and the "priority" in Thruk went from the default, to a level 4, which paged engineers .. even though
    the business_impact for the servers was at a lower level. If the servers are up and running, but the individual services being checked go offline, the engineers did not get paged,
    and the "priority" remained at the default level.

    I am not sure if it is the behavior of shinken, but different than what I want.

    I am am trying to find out if this is working as designed? And, if there is a way to not inherit the business_impact from the service definition.
    The thought is that the host might be at a lower business_impact if "Xof: " changes to something like "1of:" .. so it does not seem to make sense for all the hosts to be at the
    same business_impact as the service (eg, if you have 20 web servers, the http service definition might be higher than the definition for individual hosts, and you might not want
    to get notifications at an elevated business_impact level for each host).

    Or is this an odd behavior in Thruk? I would think that Shinken is sending "host down" alerts to Thruk, but I do not know why that would elevate the "priority".

    Any ideas?
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